San Francisco thuggery outside historic Legion of Honor on a summer afternoon

San Francisco is a tough and unforgiving place.

The visitor from Oregon, visiting the historic Legion of Honor overlooking the Pacific Ocean, was brutally cut down  as he documented the all too typical lawless act in San Francisco, a car break in.

He didn’t realize that this is a mean town. Hopefully, he will recover.

Crimes like this are common everywhere.  This is not the image  outsider visitors carry with them when they arrive in San Francisco to see the sights.

San Francisco Chronicle 7.10.2019

A sightseer was run down by two thieves in a getaway car Tuesday after he spotted them breaking into his vehicle outside San Francisco’s Legion of Honor and began snapping photographs of them, police said Tuesday.

Legion of Honor Thug I 7.10.2019

The unidentified victim was rushed to a local hospital with what at first appeared to be life-threatening injuries after he was struck by a silver-colored vehicle, said Officer Joseph Tomlinson, of the San Francisco Police Department.

Tomlinson said officers found the victim at 4:03 p.m. after responding to reports of a vehicle theft in the 100 block of 34th Avenue.

The victim was at the Legion of Honor when he saw a man in a hoodie exit from the passenger side of a silver car driven by an accomplice and break into his parked vehicle, Tomlinson said.

“He came outside and was taking photos of the suspect,” Tomlinson said. “The suspect jumped back in the car. They attempt to flee and they strike the victim with their vehicle. The suspects fled the scene and are still at large at the moment.”

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the driver of the silver vehicle hit the victim on purpose, Tomlinson said. The victim, who is reportedly from Oregon, was upgraded to stable condition Tuesday night with unspecified injuries.

He said detectives are looking through the victim’s photographs to see if they can identify the culprits or the vehicle they were driving. Investigators are also trying to determine whether other vehicles were broken into, he said.


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