“Smartest..charismatic..policy oriented.” Elizabeth Warren has a Wall Street “Plan”

A solid progressive who knows Wall Street and the banking industry. This is a candidate who can build bridges and forge coalitions.  There is no debate thats amongst all the candidates Senator Warren knows the business world, can hold her own and has solid plans to bring fairness to the marketplace.

Excerpted from Politico 7.18.2019

“I think she is going to get the nomination because she’s the smartest, she’s charismatic and she’s the most policy-oriented,” said one former top executive at a large Wall Street bank who, like several interviewed for this story, declined to be quoted on record saying anything nice about Warren. “Wall Street is very good at accommodating itself to reality and if the reality is the party is going to be super-progressive, they may not like Warren but she’s a better form of poison than Bernie.”

Elizabeth Warren 7.13.1019.jpg

 — Elizabeth Warren has another plan — this time to take on Wall Street and reshape the role of finance in the American economy.

And Wall Street isn’t panicking as she climbs in the polls.

People close to Warren note that she has the most extensive record of actually making changes in the financial industry, including helping set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, pressuring Wells Fargo to dump former CEO Tim Sloan and pressing for regulatory changes at the Federal Reserve and elsewhere. And they say she has the deepest Rolodex to staff a potential administration with like-minded officials in senior roles.

Most of them don’t love Warren’s economic and regulatory policies. But they generally understand them and appreciate that the Democratic presidential candidate declared herself a “capitalist to my bones” and believer in free markets, albeit with strong cops on the beat.

Warren released a new plan Thursday to take on private equity firms’ special treatment, roll back Trump-era financial deregulation and reinstall a Depression-era ban on investment banks also serving retail clients. Most of her proposals have drawn heated discussion for years, so her latest plan is not likely to shock the finance world.

Many bankers view Warren — a former Republican who’s made her policies clear for years — as the safer presidential choice if the progressive wing wins out in the Democrats’ internal war. If it comes down to Warren or Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), an avowed democratic socialist who continues to make personal feuds with bankers a centerpiece of his campaign, many of them would swallow hard and take Warren.


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