Heavy Price for pushing human rights. China denies entry to German Greens.

Speaking out for human rights is a risky proposition..  Be it in the biggest nation state or smallest. The Gatekeepers will monitor, impede and crush dissent.

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 8.5.2019

Germany’s Green party says China has rejected a Bundestag delegation because one of its members is a vocal supporter of the Muslim Uighur minority. Another committee’s plans to travel to China are also in doubt.

But the trip appeared to be under threat due to China’s apparent refusal to let in one of the committee members, Margarete Bause (pictured above), the Green party said Saturday.

“I see that as an attempt at silencing parliamentarians who support human rights loudly and clearly,” Bause said.The Green parlimentarian wrote in a letter to the committee that she still wanted to participate in the trip and saw no reason why it should be abandoned.

Margarete Bause I I 8.5.2019.jpg

“This will only strengthen my work for human rights,” she added on Twitter.

The Bundestag committee on digitization is supposed to visit startups and learn about artificial intelligence in Shanghai and Beijing later this month.

Bause, who has a long history of expressing support for the human rights of the Uighur Muslim minority in China, was supposed to join the trip as a temporary committee member, standing in for her party colleague and the committee’s head Dieter Janecek.

“The Chinese message — which states that as long as I am on the list, the delegation cannot travel to China — is absolutely unacceptable,” Bause told German news agency dpa.



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