“AFD much more intertwined with right-wing extremism.” A genuine threat.

AfD is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing hiding its anti-semitism in respectable rhetoric while actively pursuing an alliance with one of Germany’s mainstream conservative parties. This is the  strategy used by the Nationalist Socialists nearly 100 years ago during the Weimar Republic as it ultimately rose to power in 1933 via the ballot box.

De Welt 8.17.2019

The President of the Central Council of Jews warns against government participation of right-wing populists in Saxony and Brandenburg. The AfD incites against minorities and thus also fuel a climate against Jews.
AfD II 8.17.2019

The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, has expressed concern about the development of the AfD. In an interview with WELT AM SONNTAG, Schuster said: “In my opinion, the AfD is much more intertwined with right-wing extremism than it presents to the outside world.

It fosters fears and promotes a climate of exclusion of minorities. “The AfD linked attacks by Islamist-motivated perpetrators with populist propaganda ,” to rush generally against minorities, thereby fueling a climate ultimately against Jews “.

AfD III 8.17.2019.jpg

Schuster warns of the possibility that parties can tolerate after the election in Saxony and Brandenburg in a minority government of the AfD. “A minority government tolerated by the AfD would mean that they always had to turn to the right in their decisions in order to survive. That would be a harbinger for me that one of the democratic parties would sooner or later conclude an alliance with the AfD. “

In case of acquiescence Schuster would not call the Jews in Germany to emigrate. “One would have to weigh what would be worse: a toleration or the ungovernability of the prospect that new elections might bring an even more problematic outcome. I urge all parties to close a coalition with the AfD, “said Schuster WORLD ON SUNDAY.




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