Adachi family “Analysis” proves his death natural. Angered over Official finding

Six months after his untimely death on February 22nd, San Francisco officialdom continues to be on the Hotseat. A just released report, put together by medical professionals hired by late Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s family, determined the 59 year old died of natural causes.

In its finding the San Francisco Medical Examiner maintained that Adachi’s death was the result of recreational drug use. Coming on top of the scandalous release of a Police Report shortly after Adachi died, the debunking of the official medical report is further evidence that even in death Jeff Adachi’s foes would not let him rest in peace.

Adachi’s associates in the Public Defender’s office, where he presided for 18 years, are justifiably outraged at the report released by the Medical Examiner.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 8.22.2019

Jeff Adachi’s family hopes new reports that conclude his death was natural — rather than drug induced, as the city medical examiner found in March — will help with “restoring his reputation,” according to the family’s lawyer.

The new reports, outlined Wednesday by the public defender’s office, concluded that Adachi died from a heart attack due to heart disease and that his death was “natural.” While the reports acknowledge that alcohol and cocaine were found in his system, a press release from the office argues it would be difficult to conclude those substances caused his death because the small amounts were “a generally unreliable sample.”

Adachi Medical Report I 8.25.2019.jpg

In Wednesday’s release, the Public Defender’s Office also suggested a potential conflict of interest involving the medical examiner’s director of operations, Christopher Wirowek. Shortly before Adachi died, he accused Wirowek of lying about the office’s accreditation and called for his termination after he failed to correct what he called “false statements.”

Wirowek did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

The medical examiner’s office declined to comment further Thursday, and referred to its earlier statement: “The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner routinely conducts autopsies to investigate deaths. Forensic pathologists sign off on the cause and manner of death, and their reports speak for themselves.”

The family’s attorney hired three medical experts — including San Francisco’s former chief toxicologist who filed a lawsuit against the city over an employment dispute in 2017 — to review a March report by the medical examiner’s office, which determined that a mixture of cocaine and alcohol caused the public defender’s already-damaged heart to fail.

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