SF candidate’s campaign manager draws fire. Flipped local Dem honchos ‘the bird’

Sexism at play again.  Dean Preston’s campaign manager gave the correct signal when she called out the Establishment Democratic Party.  These people are generally a group of political hangers on who will do whatever it can to smack down any Progressive insurgency threatening their hegemony in local politics.

Would the outrage have been as voluble if a guy had called out these appartchiks in such bawdy fashion?!!

Dean Preston, a stellar Progressive tenants advocate, who will not be anybody’s Establishment go along get along should he belected this November to the Board of Supervisors.

Excerpted from San Francisco Examiner – Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez 9.1.2019

One, solitary finger has some San Francisco Democrats flipping out.

Flip the Bird II 9.1.2019

Jen Snyder, the take-no-prisoners campaign manager for Democratic Socialist supervisor candidate Dean Preston, flipped “the bird” to the San Francisco Democratic Party Wednesday night after her candidate lost their endorsement.

The perceived backroom deals, the perceived betrayal by one-time allies, and the Wednesday night endorsement of the progressive-aligned Party’s perceived political opponent — District 5 Supervisor Vallie Brown, an ally of moderate Democrats — all gave Snyder cause to give the Party a piece of her mind.

When I asked her if extending her middle finger to the Dems, a board made up of politicians, apparatchiks and other functionaries, was more of a “fuck off” or a “fuck you,” she answered decisively.

“It was definitely a ‘fuck you,’” she said.

“I’m a strong, fiery, opinionated social activist woman. No one’s asked me to be classy before,” she said.

Snyder grew up briefly on 24th Street in the Mission before moving to El Sobrante, and was a field consultant helping to pass the landmark 2018 tax measure to raise money for homelessness, “Our City, Our Home.” She told me she’s weathered far more harrowing moments than this.

Still, she finds it funny that those policing her behavior tend to be other women.

“I guess I just think it’s interesting that folks like women in politics so much these days, but not when they’re uppity and flippin’ the bird,” she said.

But her decision to give our local Dems the bird — while certainly something many have undoubtedly contemplated, perhaps with a grin — sent local political circles into a tizzy, which has subsequently spilled out onto social media.

That’s an obvious example of policing the behavior of women, Snyder and her allies have said.


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