Mexican photojournalist wins top award. Tragic portrayal of migrant caravan

Every Picture Tells a Story – Ongoing Series

The inhumane policies of the current American Administration, criminalizing and dehumanizing,  has a human face which all the World needs to see.

Deutsche Welle 9.7.2019

The migrant caravans to the US border have generated no shortage of debate among politicians and the public. Take a look at Mexican photojournalist Guillermo Arias award-winning depiction of their perilous journey.

Mexican Photog I 9.7.2019.jpg

Mexican photojournalist, Guillermo Arias, won the prestigious Visa d’or news photojournalism prize, for his depiction of the Central American migrant caravans.

The AFP photographer won the award on Saturday for his story entitled “the Caravan” at photojournalism’s biggest annual festival. He beat off competition from The New York Times, Reuters and The Washington Post.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, migrant caravans with thousands of people made the way northwards from Central America. Most were heading to the US border in a bid to escape poverty and violence in their home countries.

Mexican Photog III 9.7.2019

In response, the US sent troops to secure the border, as well as setting up controversial camps to detain those who crossed the border illegally, and instigating a draconian policy where children were separated and detained away from their family.

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