“Take it Back.” Chesa will take back the Power from the political Hack DA

“Take it Back.” That is the theme for the last month of the Chesa Boudin’s campaign.

Suzy Loftus has shown herself to be little more than a political “Hack” who so much wants to be District Attorney that she tossed any sense of ethical propriety, good judgment and common sense. How can any thoughtful San Franciscan expect Suzy to be fair minded, independent and follow the rule of law when she has sold her conscience to the Mayor and the Power Elite at San Francisco City Hall?

After the outrageous power play by San Francisco’s Mayor appointing her crony to the District Attorney’s job one month before the election, the Citizenry must stand up to abusive power.

Former State Senator, Supervisor and Mayoral candidate Mark Leno summed it up when he told a San Francisco rally on Sunday afternoon that Suzy Loftus will carry a burden whether or not she is elected District Attorney. Should she win there will always be the Asterisk by her name. Suzy could have told the Mayor, “No thank you. I want to win this on my own.”

When Chesa wins on November 5, Suzy can ask herself, “Why did I accept the job? It cost me the election.

Chesa and Mark Leno 10.6.2019

Chesa Boudin and Mark Leno

The Mayor justified her cold political decision by saying she wants a District Attorney, “I can trust.” The District Attorney is not just someone the Mayor should trust. All San Franciscans should have “trust” in the District Attorney.

That is why the City Hall Establishment fears Chesa. He will not play favorites. He will follow lawbreakers no matter their place in long entrenched San Francisco political and social pecking order.

Already the San Francisco Examiner pulled its endorsement of the anointed District Attorney. Former candidate Mark Leno has enthusiastically endorsed Chesa as have a number of Progressive leaders.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has stepped up to decry the Mayor blatantly abusing her power to foist her handpicked candidate on the electorate.

Chesa II 10.6.2019

“Take it Back” was a song by the 1960’s rock group Cream in the album Disraeli Gears. The superb drummer Ginger Baker passed away this weekend at the age of 80.