Germany takes the Pandemic seriously. Country goes into month long lockdown

Unlike its American counterparts, the German government under Angela Merkel has taken the Pandemic seriously from Day One earlier in the year.

Now that the Covid-19 virus has resurfaced in large numbers Chancellor Merkel has put Germany in partial lockdown mode.

The same cannot be said for the moronic Trump who from Day One has attempted to debunk the entire Pandemic.  Why?  It hurts him politically.  Rather than pour American resources into fighting the Covid-19 this Fool has called it Fake News and ridiculed the scientific community which has been correct in its professional analysis of the crisis.

It’s only two days until Trump will be sent packing.  A new Administration will bring some much needed clear headedness and sanity into the fight against the Pandemic.  Naturally brainless Trump has criticized the Germans for instituting a partial lockdown.

Deutsche Welle 11.2.2020

Germany began a monthlong partial lockdown on Monday as part of efforts to curb the momentum of the coronavirus that has infected half a million people across the country.

As the new lockdown came into force, the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases announced a drop in cases, with just over 12,000 new infections, though the figure is often lower on the first day of the week as not all health authorities report on the weekend.

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Infections of COVID-19 have been increasing sharply in recent weeks, with record caseloads becoming the norm, and Chancellor Angela Merkel has introduced stringent measures on public life as a result.

Some have described the lockdown as a lighter version of the one seen in the spring, as schools and shops will remain open, churches will be allowed to hold services and protests will not be banned. Nevertheless, all restaurants and bars will be closed, meetings in public will be restricted to just two households and all recreational centers, such as pools and gyms, will be shut.

State and federal leaders will meet again in 10 days to assess if the new measures need to be tightened further still or whether they may be eased in December, depending on the rate of infections.

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German Health Minister Jens Spahn urged citizens to significantly reduce their contacts in order to deal appropriately with the “situation of the century” and that a “national effort in November” is required, he told public broadcaster ZDF.

Meanwhile, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is going into isolation for at least a few days after he revealed he had been in close proximity of someone who has since tested positive.

“I have been identified as a contact of someone who has tested positive for #COVID19. I am well and without symptoms but will self-quarantine over the coming days, in line with WHO protocols, and work from home,” Tedros said in a tweet.