Election Day has arrived in USA. ‘Black Lives Matter’ could be Trump’s undoing

At long last election day is here. Black people, who the racist demagogueTrump has villified throughout his entire shameful life, are ready to evict this awful man from the White House.

Pay Back is sweet.

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 11.2.2020

Robert Patterson, professor for African American Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  predicts that the election will come down to voter turnout, and he sees the Black Lives Matter movement as a major contributor to the mobilization of African American voters.

Vote Donald Trump out. The demonstrators on Louisville’s streets all agree that the president is a blatant racist who has praised the armed white supremacist militias who often show up to confront protests against police violence, but refused to condemn police violence against Black people.

Black Lives Matter election day II 11.2.2020.jpg

“Black people will support Biden,” Professor Patterson said. “They will get their friends, cousins, and will turn out. They will definitely turn out in numbers grander than 2016, because they understand what’s at stake. People that have taken a chance on Trump will not this time around.”

According to a New York Times nationwide poll of likely voters, Biden had 90% support within the Black electorate overall, and Trump had just 4%.

A movement against police violence could help motivate more Black people to go to the polls. That would not likely be to Donald Trump’s benefit.

It is a cold and windy Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky. A few hundred demonstrators have turned out to take part in a memorial march for Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old Black medical worker who was killed in her home by police during a botched raid in March. “Say her name,” they call out, “Breonna Taylor!” It is one of the chants for justice employed by the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Keturah Herron, a juvenile justice policy strategist with the American Civil Liberties Union in Kentucky, walks down the street, her fist in the air and a hoodie pulled up over her head. On her black mask are the words “Justice for Breonna Taylor.”

After months of nationwide protests, and ahead of the US presidential election on November 3, the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Louisville also have a political message — one shared by many other activists across the country:

After an officer paralyzed an unarmed Black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August, a 17-year-old Trump supporter shot three demonstrators protesting police brutality, killing two. Though a video of the violence was already circulating, Trump jumped to the teen’s defense, alleging that the shooter had been fighting off attackers.

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Many young Black Americans are also critical of Trump’s Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden. A survey published in September found that Biden had the support of fewer than 70% of Black voters aged 18 to 29, and though fewer than 10% supported Trump, a surprisingly large number remained undecided.