American insurrectionists take country into Nazi regime territory

Make no mistake what happened on January 6, 2021 can be compared to what happened in Germany during the Weimar Republic a century ago.

A fractured government led to the rise of the Nationalist Socialist party aka Nazis. Fueled by a weak economy and weak leadership the time was right for the rise of extremists.

Nazis in America 3.6.2019.jpg

American Nazis march in New York City – circa 1930’s

America has a long history of condoning and supporting violent right wing nihilist extremists both at the political and law enforcement level.

In America today the country is infested with  groups such as the Proud Boys,  QAnon and assorted incendiary nihilist insurrectionists. The administration of Trump enabled these groups. The generally vapid reaction by law enforcement to these extreme right wing racist and xenophobic marauders resulted in the shocking scenes of anarchy in Washington, DC.

The only way to deal with these mindless thugs is for the government to expend whatever law enforcement and judicial resources by any means necessary to crush this insurrection now.

Lee Heidhues

Fascism and Trump IV 8.26.2020Fascism and Trump III 8.26.2020

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