Trump in his Final Days as Dr. Strangelove. Say it ain’t so, Nancy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so worried that the unhinged Trump will do something catastrophic as his Downfall approaches she felt compelled to meet with American military authorities.

The Speaker sought assurances that an increasingly desperate Trump is kept far away from the genuine Nuclear option.

Makes me think of the classic dystopian comedy ‘Dr. Strangelove’ (1964) directed by Stanley Kubrick during the Russian-American Cold War.  

I watched it again. The film is just as gripping and predictive of the danger of Nuclear war in 2021 as it was in 1964.

Particularly with Trump in the real life role of General Jack Ripper, portrayed by a cigar chewing Sterling Hayden (pictured below) in the film.

6 Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

7. Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

4 Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

The current Dr. Strangelove and the cinematic version portrayed by Peter Sellers (pictured above and below)

7 Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

3 Dr. Strangelove 1.8.2021.jpg

The final scene follows in the attached link.