San Francisco Archdiocese shreds concept of Church and State separation

Following is a special contribution by associate Blog mistress Liz.

Dear Archbishop Cordileone, Publisher:

It is alarming that the Catholic Church, which sanctifies life, racial inclusiveness, integrity, compassion, accepts money in the form of political ads from the San Francisco Police Officers Association (POA).

The POA is a group which advocates for SFPD with its long history of abusing and harassing people of color, the homeless, the poor, and the disabled.

I was appalled when I saw the POA ad in the 12.17.2020 issue of Catholic San Francisco. 

Catholic San Francisco has a prominent influence in shaping cultural attitudes and moral values.

In 2019 the POA spent nearly 1 MM to destroy the candidacy of District Attorney aspirant Chesa Boudin. 

Chesa was victorious in the DA election.

Since Chesa took office a year ago, the POA has never let up on its line of attack on Chesa’s integrity, reforms to our broken criminal justice system, or reforms to the brotherhood of cops who cover up police misconduct deeds.

It is scandalous that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese allows money from the POA to help the POA retain power and position within the faith community, 


Liz Heidhues – a Catholic advocating for criminal justice reform


Page one. The Catholic 12.17.2020 edition

2 Catholic SF 12.17.2020.jpg

POA Ad in The Catholic 12.17.2020


POA Attack ad – page one 2019


POA attack ad – page two 2019