Great Highway is car free. San Francisco officials need to keep it that way

Now that San Francisco has made a determination to maintain the Great Highway as a car free zone I want my elected Supervisor to stand tall and support this decision. Following is a letter I sent to newly sworn in Supervisor Connie Chan.  She represents the Richmond District which encompasses Golden Gate Park and whose border is at the Pacific Ocean near the Great Highway.

Great Highway II 11.15.2020

Supervisor Chan

I am a longtime outer D1 resident and decades long cyclist.

My wife, a native San Franciscan, and I have never owned a car.

Both of us are ecstatic that the MTA has decided to maintain the Great Highway as a car free zone.

The MTA made a decision which is in step with San Francisco’s historic progressive nature when it comes to protecting the environment and making The City a mecca for outdoor recreation.

Last year Peter Hartlaub in the Chronicle published a piece in which he discussed several ways to make San Francisco environmentally friendly.

Great Highway VI 11.15.2020

Peter wrote there were a couple of easy fixes.  Making both Golden Gate Park and The Great Highway car free zones.

The City has taken this step.

As someone who ran as the “progressive” D1 candidate I trust that you will promote a forward looking agenda.

A permanently car free Great Highway is the proper action politically and environmentally.

In solidarity,

Lee Heidhues

Outer D1 voter

Great Highway V 11.15.2020

Photos – Lee Heidhues