Nextdoor and its Orwellian “Rant” policy

 The ongoing saga of asserting my First Amendment rights to free speech in the face of Nextdoor’s Orwellian censorship continues.  I apparently have violated a Nextdoor policy re “rants.”

At the same time the Nextdoor Supervisor readily admits I have NOT been, “attacking your neighbors or using language deemed inappropriate.”

Attn Nextdoor Supervisor – Holly

Ranting??? Are you kidding?

  1. a long, angry, and impassioned speech.
    “at times, his rantings would become incoherent”

Ranting III 2.18.2021.jpg

I presume your venue is outside San Francisco. If it is not, I stand corrected.

San Francisco is the most political City imaginable. Everything is a battle.  When you have 850,000 people living within a 50 sq. mile radius that’s the reality.

It’s a sad commentary on Nextdoor policies that a disgruntled reader or readers have the power to violate my First Amendment right of free speech.

I could have blocked any number of folks who took exception to my commentaries on making the Great Highway by the Pacific Ocean permanently car free.

I have been personally attacked.  The most egregious example occurred when someone told me I am putting myself “at risk” with my posts.

Other critics have told me I should leave San Francisco where I have resided for most of my life and move to Berkeley.  Or, for example, being told I have no business posting on this subject because I don’t own a car.

Upon being released from Nextdoor purgatory I have no intention of going into a Group.

I will continue to exercise my right of protected free speech and advocate for issues in the way I have been doing.

A manner which Nextdoor itself admits have NOT been, “attacking your neighbors or using language deemed inappropriate.”

As I did with your co-workers previous message, I am going to post all of this on my blog


Lee Heidhues

San Francisco

From: <>
Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2021 3:07 PM
Subject: RE: Case # 05938988: NEXT DOOR PENALTY BOX

Hi Lee,

My name’s Holly, and I’m a supervisor with Nextdoor’s Support team. Your case was escalated to me for further review.

When we receive reports of anyone’s content, we will thoroughly review it and determine if it is in violation. In this case, this is the reason why your account is disabled. While I can confirm your posts were not attacking your neighbors or using language deemed inappropriate, they still fall under our Guideline regarding ranting.

If you’d like to continue posting about the highway, you’re encouraged to create a group dedicated to this topic so that neighbors interested can join and participate.

Let me know if you need further assistance.


Ranting II 2.18.2021.jpeg