San Francisco Trumpistas trying to throw out true reformer DA Chesa Boudin

Lee Heidhues 3.16.2021

To: Richie Greenberg and his  Law and Order brigade.

This misguided effort is nothing more than a bunch of San Francisco Trumpistas trying to turn out a true reformer DA who is pursuing Justice by prosecuting the most serious crimes.

Your campaign is  carrying the ball for the Police Officers Association as part of its stated goal to oust Chesa. This goal was proven during the 2019 when the POA spent nearly 1MM to defeat Chesa.

The decrease in many crime stats since Chesa assumed office 14 months ago is a statistic you conveniently ignore.

Your posse of disaffected San Franciscans are nothing more than a throwback to the Dick Tracy Crime Stoppers textbook of the 1950’s when people of color were arrested at will, crimes against women went unpunished and the SFPD had no checks on their behavior.

Dick Tracy I 3.16.2021.jpgBurglary spike II 2.16.2021

An obnoxious minority is what you are. Period.

You and your mob are political crybabies wasting City money in a Recall election when San Francisco faces a yawning budget crisis.

Richie, you don’t care about Crime or Justice.

Your people are wailing away because they didn’t prevail at the ballot box in 2019.

Shame on all of you.

Chesa Boudin and Bail Reform 1.18.2019

Attached is a link for those who want to support Chesa while he continues his work as DA to reform the criminal justice system and fights off this Recall effort.