The sophistry expressed by San Francisco elected officials is sad and discouraging

Lee Heidhues 3.23.2021

In response to  comments by three members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in the March 23, 2021 online Chronicle.  The comments revolve around the HOT issue of keeping JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park car free.

My comments are bold type underlined


  1. the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.

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Supervisor Shamann Walton – President

“So when we look at segregationist policies like closing JFK to Bayview, Mission, Lakeview, Excelsior communities, that shouldn’t even be considered,” Walton said. “We need to allow Black and brown and all communities of color complete access again now that we’re in the orange tier.”

This argument is beyond nonsensical. What are you talking about? Waving the flag of discrimination is really reprehensible. What we are talking about is a car free environment. People can still drive to GGP and you know it. So, stop this incendiary rhetoric. I expect more from the President of the Board of Supervisors.

3 Car free JFK 3.20.2021

Supervisor Connie Chan

Supervisor Connie Chan expressed sympathy for her two colleagues’ positions during Tuesday’s meeting. She said it was hard to get to Golden Gate Park from where she grew up in Chinatown.

“It is a racial equity issue…that consistently for a lot of us immigrants, working families, communities of color, that we have to fight for green space, we have to fight for equity in recreation,” Chan said. “When we have road closures, more often than not, that essentially is what segregation is all about.”

How is it hard to get to GGP from Chinatown?  The 5Fulton can be boarded on Market Street and taken directly to Golden Gate Park beginning at Stanyan Street all the way to Ocean Beach.

What do “road closures” have to do with “segregation?” Yes. Road closures inconvenience people who have cars. It forces these people to park and walk. It’s good exercise.

Supervisor Ahsha Safai

“Open up JFK drive,” he wrote. “Residents of the Excelsior, OMI, Outer Mission, Bayview and all neighbors of the Southern portion of the City need to have access to the park as well. Closing JFK takes away access to GGP attractions for many SF families and many communities of color.”

Explain how “Closing JFK takes away access to GGP.” Making GGP park car free requires people, who drive, to park and walk. It’s good exercise.

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15 Car free JFK 3.20.2021