People of all ages cycle and rally for a permanently car free JFK Drive

On a beautiful Sunday morning in San Francisco’s historic Golden Gate Park a large throng of citizens of all ages rallied and cycled for a permanently car free JFK Drive.

The main thoroughfare has been closed to cars for the past year.

Thousands of citizens who have enjoyed this pedestrian and cyclists area in the Park will do whatever it takes to ensure that JFK Drive remains permanently car free.

Supporters of a permanently car free JFK face a tough battle. The entrenched monied and political interests in San Francisco will ferociously push to bring back cars to JFK Drive. The monied and political Class feels its right to dictate public policy is being questioned.

The push to bring cars back to JFK is all about money. Period.

The ability to drive and park in Golden Gate Park is crucial to the bottom line of DeYoung Museum and Steinhart Aquarium corporate management and their wealthy benefactors.

What this Power Elite knows full well and refuses to bring into the discussion is that an 800 car parking garage is situated directly underneath the DeYoung Museum and Steinhart Aquarium.  There is plenty of parking.

There is also a Muni transit line, Number 44, which stops directly in front of the DeYoung Museum and Steinhart Aquarium.

I  have included a haunting instrumental piece from the soundtrack of the documentary The Way West. “Lakota Death Song.” It’s  appropriate listening as we think about what unfettered Greed has done to the environment in Golden Gate Park.

41 JFK Car Free Sticker 4.11.2021.jpg

Photos – Liz and Lee Heidhues – Cyclists in San Francisco for nearly 50 years.

24 JFK Car Free 4.11.2021.jpg
Car Free JFK supporters gather for the rally


16 JFK Car Free Frida Kahlo II 4.11.2021.jpg
Cycling by the DeYoung Museum

38 Liz JFK Car Free 4.11.202132 Liz JFK Car Free 4.11.2021

42 JFK Car Free Heather Knight 4.11.2021
Cyclists of all ages rallied for a car free JFK Drive

7 JFK Car Free David Miles 4.11.2021.jpg

Mayor of Golden Gate Park – David Miles

33 Liz JFK Car Free 4.11.202118 JFK Car Free 4.11.2021

30 Liz JFK Car Free Liz IV 4.11202140 Liz JFK Car Free Lee 4.11.2021

17 JFK Car Free 4.11.2021.jpg

11 JFK Car Free Troubador II 4.11.2021
The JFK Car Free rally was entertained by the singing Troubador
9 JFK Car Free Ferris Wheel 4.11.2021.jpg
JFK Car Free advocates cycle by the Ferris Wheel
44 JFK Car Free Muni 4.11.2021
SF Muni at the Museum
43 Liz David Chiu Car Free JFK 4.11.2021.jpg
San Francisco State legislator David Chiu addressed JFK Car Free supporters
The Dogs came out to support Car Free JFK
Even the GG Park Constabulary were on hand for the Car Free rally