San Francisco Slow Streets targeted by callous and abusive entitled motorists

Every Picture Tells a Story – Abusive motorists edition

Liz and Lee Heidhues – 5.29.2021

San Francisco’s entitled motorists continue to ignore Slow Streets with impunity. In the most cavalier manner motorists blithely drive around and through the signs. Everyone is at risk, including birds as the sad photo of a dead pigeon sprawled on Cabrillo Street in plain view clearly indicates.

Motorists have to get the message they don’t own the Planet.

Slow Streets:  Pigeon hit and run on Cabrillo St.


13 Slow Streets 5.28.2021
Entitled motorist swerves around Slow Streets barrier. Pigeon hit and run victim in foreground
Law breaking motorist drives past “Road Closed” sign on Slow Streets Cabrillo
Another cold hearted motorist ignores Slow Streets and drives past pigeon victim.
6 Slow Streets knock down II 5.24.2021
Driver caused carnage on Slow Streets Cabrillo – San Francisco