Israeli far-right leader Bennett joins anti-Netanyahu coalition. What will change?

After 12 years in power the hard line corrupt thug Netanyahu, whose policies were encouraged and enabled by Donald Trump, may be on the way out of power.  

It will be a day of rejoicing for those who want to see Peace in Palestine/Israel and the banishment of an impediment to that goal.

Sadly the policies which Netanyahu has put in place likely will not change. Nonetheless, the fact this hard line politician and one responsible for the continuing theft of Palestinian lands will be officially, at least, out of power.

Excerpted from AlJaazera 5.30.2021

Israeli far-right politician Naftali Bennett, a kingmaker whose Yamina party has six key seats in parliament, has said he would join a governing coalition that could end the rule of the country’s longest-serving leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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“It’s my intention to do my utmost in order to form a national unity government along with my friend Yair Lapid, so that, God willing, together we can save the country from a tailspin and return Israel to its course,” Bennett said on Sunday after meeting with his own party, Yamina.

A Palestine Liberation Organization official said, after Bennett’s speech, that the prospective government would be “extreme rightist” and no different than the administrations headed by Netanyahu.

Centrist Lapid has been tasked with forming a new cabinet by 11:59pm (20:59 GMT) Wednesday.

Bennett’s announcement is a key step towards ending Netanyahu’s 12-year rule.

He said he had made the decision to prevent the country from sliding into a fifth consecutive election in just more than two years.

Minutes after Bennett’s announcement, Netanyahu lashed out, calling the plan “a danger for the security of Israel”.

He accused Bennett of betraying the Israeli right-wing and urged nationalist politicians who have joined the coalition talks not to establish what he called a “leftist government”.

Netanyahu said such a coalition was a danger to Israel’s security and future.

“What will it do for Israel’s deterrence? How will we look in the eyes of our enemies,” he said. “What will they do in Iran and in Gaza? What will they say in the halls of government in Washington?”

A Bennett-Lapid agreement had already been reported to be close when violence broke out between Israel and Hamas fighters on May 10 and Bennett suspended the discussions. The fighting ended with a ceasefire after 11 days.