Fight for the environment. Letter to an elected San Francisco Progressive

Open letter to San Francisco Supervisor Connie Chan whose District includes the area adjacent to the Pacific Ocean

Climate change. San Franciso near the Pacific Ocean – September 2020

Lee Heidhues 7.8.2021

Supervisor Chan

I am beyond disappointed that you, who campaigned and describe yourself as a “Progressive,” can be cowed by a minority of shrill entitled motorists.

Connie Chan III 6.24.2021.png
Connie Chan on the campaign trail 2020

It is regrettable that rather than acknowledging Climate Change is a serious matter and planning for the future, you continue to enable the behavior of motorists. By doing so, you are abdicating any leadership role in promoting an alternative environmental vision for San Francisco.

The temperature in Portland reached 115 degrees last week. Nearly 100 people have died. The Great Walkway is part of the Pacific Coast and is impacted by Climate Change.

Great Highway III
Climate Change on The Great Walkway – looking out at the Pacific Ocean – September 2020

The entire Great Highway is a castle made of sand falling into the sea. The automobile is largely responsible for the erosion of this land by the Pacific Ocean.

Nearly two weeks ago I sent you a Blog post titled “Progressive Supervisor Wants to Destroy Great Walkway.” In the past two weeks 1116 people have thus far looked at the Post.

Great Highway I
The effects of climate change – The Great Walkway skyline September 2020

I have been attacked on Nextdoor for months. Why? I strongly support The Great Walkway. I continue to analyze what the angry motorists have to say. The motorists’ rhetoric is a repetitive lamentation about being inconvenienced to take a detour and adding a bit more time to their trip.

Connie, on Nextdoor you are receiving misguided praise for having aligned yourself with the shrill motorists during the June 22 Supervisors meeting to review the SFMTA proposal.

You firmly opposed a permanently car free Great Walkway and bowed to the strident motorists. This, despite the fact over 70 percent of the participants who testified and submitted comments on June 22 favored The Great Walkway.

Great Highway II
Clinate change. An orange skyline along The Great Walkway – September 2020

Most importantly you know that in 2023 the Great Highway from Sloat to Skyline reclamation project will begin. Six months into the project the roadway will be permanently closed to cars. Once the motorists get to Sloat by the Zoo they will have to engage in new behaviors by motoring around Lake Merced to reach the southern bound roadway.

Stand by your election campaign as a “Progressive.” Take a stand for the environment.