Summer guest. Carrying a gift California scrub jay visits our San Francisco yard

Photos – Lee Heidhues July 3, 4 and 5, 2021

It’s so nice to have a native bird inhabiting our backyard. A pair of California scrub jays arrive late in the afternoon while I am cleaning the area. They are not shy. One in particular comes within several feet of me and we eyeball each other.

Out here in the San Francisco countryside close by the Pacific Ocean, when the scrub jay is not sizing me up, the scrub jay is delivering a gift.

Scrub jay shows off the gift
Scrub jay shows off the gift – close up
1 California scrub jay
California Scrub jay checks me out

Wikipedia article on the California Scrub Jay

The California scrub jay (Aphelocoma californica) is a species of scrub jay native to western North America. It ranges from southern British Columbia throughout California and western Nevada near Reno to west of the Sierra Nevada. The California scrub jay was once lumped with Woodhouse’s scrub jay and collectively called the western scrub jay. The group was also lumped with the island scrub jay and the Florida scrub jay; the taxon was then called simply scrub jay.[2] The California scrub jay is nonmigratory and can be found in urban areas, where it can become tame and will come to bird feeders. While many refer to scrub jays as “blue jays”, the blue jay is a different species of bird entirely.

15 California scrub jay 7.4.2021
Scrub jay branches out
19 California scrub jay 7.6.2021
Scrub jay flying off the rail
Scrub jay on clothesline perch reconnoitering the yard
Scrub jay takes flight
3 California scrub jay.jpg
Hanging out in the planter
Looking for food
13 California scrub jay 7.4.2021
Scrub jay surveys the territory
Scrub jay guarding the rake
Sitting on the neighbor’s fence with St. Thomas the Apostle Church in the background
14 Jack 7.4.2021
Family dog Jack sleeps through it all