Great Walkway. The People lay down a marker to City Hall. It will be car free.

August 15, 2021

Liz and Lee Heidhues

30 GW rally Dean, Janice, Matt 8.15.2021.jpg
Supervisor Dean Preston, BART Commissioner Janice Li, Supervisor Matt Haney Photo – SF Bicycle Coalition

Open message to San Francisco Supervisors Connie Chan and Gordon Mar

Supervisor Matt Haney addresses the crowd of all ages

Connie and Gordon 

28 GW rally Scott Wiener 8.15.2021.jpg
State Senator Scott Wiener addresses The Great Walkway rally

We didn’t see you at The Great Walkway rally today.

28 GW rally 8.15.2021.jpg
Sunday on The Great Walkway

That’s regrettable  and predictable and sad.

24 GW 8.15.2021.jpg
The dogs enjoy The Great Walkway – Photo Liz Heidhues

It’s an example of elected officials avoiding The People.


25 GW 8.15.2021.jpg
The Great Walkway message #kidsafesf  Photo –  Liz Heidhues

The disappearing act won’t work.

22 GW 8.15.2021.jpg
Save the Great Walkway

We will prevail.

Photos –  SF Bicycle Coalition, Walk San Francisco and Liz Heidhues