Connie Chan ran “In Solidarity.” In Solidarity with whom? It was a cruel joke.

My Response to San Francisco Supervisor Chan to her article in the Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon 

Lee Heidhues 9.27.2021

“Supervisor Connie Chan has done more than any elected politician in San Francisco to destroy The Great Walkway and a car free JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park.

Connie Chan III 6.24.2021.png

Her backroom action during the Supervisor’s August recess to totally torch the process in place to study the Great Walkway along the Pacific Ocean was a blatant abuse of power.

Her plans and words about a car free JFK Drive are the worst kind of sophistry. Actions and language that would make George Orwell happy.28 GW rally Scott Wiener 8.15.2021

Like a spoiled child, The Supervisor has already rejected proposals for JFK Drive put forth by the SFMTA. Connie’s actions which has the entitled motorists jumping for joy on their gas tanks are a total betrayal of the “progressives” who helped Connie eke out a 125 vote victory in 2020.

Her campaign slogan “In solidarity” is a cruel joke. “In solidarity” with whom her duped supporters should be asking.

43 Environmental Hall of Shame 9.23.2021

Liz Heidhues – Chameleon cartoon and Environmental Shame art