CW Nevius. San Francisco’s self appointed Dick Tracy crime stopper

Open letter to CW Nevius – San Francisco Examiner 11.24.2021

The Examiner has really reached bottom in publishing your work.
I thought San Francisco was thankfully rid of your reactionary opinions posing as reasonable journalism.
The column about crime in Union Square and somehow stretching credulity by asserting that Chesa Boudin is responsible is reprehensible.
Chesa and Da Mayor on Election Day 3.4.2020
DA Chesa Boudin with Da Mayor Willie Brown
It’s a sad day when someone who has reported on San Francisco matters for decades and should have more sophistication is now in synch with the most reactionary MAGA, Fox News, right wing posse which spent 1.4MM on paid mercenaries to qualify this obscene Recall attempt.
Coming close on the heels of your column calling for cars to be given total access to The Great Walkway is just another exclamation point on your shameless pandering to the most revanchist groups in San Francisco.
Your skills would be better suited as a Shill for the San Francisco Police Officers Association (POA) and the American Automobile Association (AAA).
You should have remained a Sports reporter where your ability to trash talk on important matters was limited.
Chesa Policy Changes I I 2.28.2020
DA Boudin Inaugural night – January 8, 2020