No class. Dallas Cowboys point fingers, blame officiating for loss to San Francisco

The San Francisco media is reporting about the hard fought nail biting victory of the 49ers against Dallas.

I want to provide a different perspective about how things look from the perspective of the Lone Star State fandom. It’s obvious this loss hurts and will have ramifications deep in the heart of Texas football.

Excerpted from SB Nation 1.16.2022

The Dallas Cowboys lost on Sunday. Losing only six times since September sounds like a deal we would sign up for, but knowing that it would all end on a loss is a bitter pill to swallow. This season was supposed to be different for the Cowboys – it was different at times – yet it all ended in the same way that it always has for the better part of three decades.

Much is being said about the final play of the game when QB Zak Prescott was trying to spike the ball after running a quarterback draw with little time remaining and no clock stoppages left. For what it’s worth Prescott said that the team has practiced it many times and that they were prepared to trust their training.

49ers v Dallas II 1.16.2022
Official rushes in as time runs out on Dallas Cowboys season

Perhaps what is most frustrating about Dallas failing, yet again, to deliver in the postseason is that, unlike previous years, they are not even able to come to terms with it themselves.

Sunday evening saw Dak Prescott take to the podium following a Cowboys game like many times before but in this instance QB1 approached things very differently.

When asked about the state of the game Prescott chose to partly blame the officials.


Obviously officials aren’t perfect, but the Cowboys were at fault on Sunday and hardly some sort of victim. Fans were displeased with the way that the game ended and chose to throw debris at officials as they ran off of the field which was an ugly thing to see. Prescott was asked about the debris flying and mistakenly thought that fans were throwing things at players. When he was corrected in that things were being thrown at officials he said “a credit to them” talking about the fans doing the throwing.

Ever since being drafted by the Cowboys in 2016 we have seen Dak only say and do the right thing as far as when he is in the public space. For him to openly endorse fans throwing debris at officials because they did not like the calls that they made is poor judgment by Prescott.

49ers v Dallas III 1.16.2022.jpeg
The look on this Cowboys fan says it all, “It’s gonna be over….that’s the end of the game.”

Sunday was really disappointing in that the Cowboys completely collapsed as a football team. Seeing them point fingers and blame officiating in the aftermath only solidified some of our worst fears in that they don’t believe they were in the wrong in any real way.

That’s a big problem.