Ukraine impact. Germany’s dark rockers Rammstein cancel upcoming Russia gigs

As Thug Putin continues his War Crimes campaign and thousands of Ukranians are dying, Russia continues to feel the consequences. Financially, socially, culturally.

The German group Rammstein whose music and videos are politically controversial has cancelled its upcoming Russia tour. It’s a small statement against the horrific Wa Crimes being committed by Thug Putin and his military.

The Russian people need to know that the treachery and criminality of Thug Putin will not go unpunished.

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 3.10.2022

Both Rammstein and its front man, Till Lindemann, have quite a fan base in Russia. Lindemann has given several solo concerts in the country and had plans to perform in Novosibirsk and Moscow at the end of this year as part of his “Ich hasse Kinder” (“I Hate Kids”) tour.

Rammstein II 7.31.2019

He canceled them following the Russian attack on Ukraine, but he pledged to play a concert scheduled in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv if circumstances allow.

On its website, Rammstein took a clear stance against the war and in support of Ukrainians. In a statement in German, Ukrainian and Russian, the band said it’s particularly saddened by the suffering of Ukrainians. “Each member of the band has different experiences with the two countries; all musicians have friends, colleagues, partners and fans in Ukraine and Russia.”

Rammstein I 7.31.2019.jpg

The band said it is aware of the despair that many Russian fans feel in the face of their government’s actions, and they want to “remind people of the humanity that Russian and Ukrainian citizens share.”

Lindemann recently joined the many volunteers helping out at Berlin’s main train station, where many Ukrainian refugees have arrived in recent days.

‘Russia, we love you’

Since the turn of the millennium, the German band has been hugely popular with Russian fans. To some, their hard metal sound is reminiscent of German war aesthetics while also evoking Soviet heroism, the power of the proletariat and masculinity.

Rammstein V 3.10.2022
The Kiss in Russia

Authorities, on the other hand, have been wary of the band since a 2019 concert in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium during which Rammstein guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers kissed on stage — an absolute no-go in Putin’s Russia, which introduced what is known as the gay propaganda law in 2013 and has harassed and persecuted members of the LGBTQ+ community ever since.

Afterwards, a photo of the kiss was posted on social media along with the words: “Russia, we love you.” Many fans were delighted while politicians made it clear the band must refrain from such performances in Russia in the future.