Putin destroys Ukraine. It appears the World is going to let this happen.

Lee Heidhues 3.12.2022

It was  surreal and dystopian. I attended the event in the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park as Putin’s criminal war wages on against Ukraine. 

Ukraine LXX GG Park concert 3.9.2022.jpg

Ukraine XXXIX Ukraine.jpg


Music, poetry, speeches, costumes, Ukraine flags flying. Folks are chowing down at the nearby food trucks, visiting the Japanese Tea Garden, the DeYoung Museum, Steinhart Aquarium.  Enjoying themselves while thousands of miles away Thug War Criminal Putin continues to destroy Ukraine.

49  War photos.jpg

Perhaps this is why I feel so stressed and exhausted.  It seems like the whole World is just going to let this happen. If the World stands by and allows this monster to destroy Ukraine the monster won’t be satisfied. Thug Putin will keep pushing and pushing.


If countries supporting Ukraine participate militarily the entire Planet may be at risk. If these countries do nothing Thug Putin will destroy an independent nation. 

42 War photos.jpg

That is why I am perplexed that in San Francisco there is a Summer of Love type event with people literally wearing blue and yellow flowers in their hair.

16 Ukraine GG Park 3.12.2022.jpg

Where’s the fear and outrage?

48  War photos.jpg

The photo montage shows the surreal and dystopian disconnect between the face of war and the peaceful event in San Francisco.


45War photos.jpg


44 War photos.jpg



50 War photos.jpg


Ukraine LXI 3.6.2022


51 war photos.jpg

11 Ukraine GG Park 3.12.2022.jpg

53 War photos.jpg

Golden Gate Park photos – Lee Heidhues