San Francisco City workers on the job

Lee Heidhues 3.18.2022

The past several weeks our block in the Outer Richmond District has been the focus of attention. Crews from the Department of Public Works and PG&E surveyed and marked a corroded lateral sewer line on our street.

When the preparatory work was complete a crew from DPW came out to do the heavy lifting of digging up the street and replacing the corroded pipe. Having a close vantage point I kept a photo journal of the project.

Following is a photo essay. of the City at work.

The DPW workers were very conscientious and tidied up the job site each day.

17 DPW Lateral Pipe 1.28.2022

Department of Public Works marking the work site 1.28.2022

12  DPW Lateral Pipe.jpg
DPW putting down the steel plates 2.2.2022
13 DPW Lateral Pipe
DPW heavy equipment 2.2.2022
1 DPW Lateral Pipe
PG&E marking the gas lines 2.25.2022
3 DPW Lateral Pipe
DPW marking the property boundaries 3.4.2022
4 DPW Lateral Pipe.jpg
DPW videoing property boundaries 3.4.2022
6 DPW Lateral Pipe.jpg
Heavy equipment on site 3.16.2022
24 DPW Lateral Pipe LIZ 3.17.2022
DPW crew member gives the neighbors a wave 3.16.2022 – Photo Liz Heidhues
14 DPW Lateral Pipe.jpg
Heavy lifting 3.16.2022
7  DPW Lateral Pipe.jpg
Deep drill into the street 3.16.2022
11 DPW Lateral Pipe
DPW heavy trucks at excavation site 3.16.2022
20 DPW Lateral Pipe 3.17.2022
DPW crew on the job on St. Patrick’s Day 3.17.2022
25 DPW Lateral Pipe LIZ 3.17.2022.jpg
Crew member having a parley with the Supervisor 3.17.2022 – Photo Liz Heidhues
21 DPW Lateral Pipe 3.18.2022
DPW crew filling up the open trench 3.18.2022
22 DPW Lateral Pipe 3.18.2022.jpg
DPW crew filling up the dig site as job is complete 3.18.2022

Photos – Lee Heidhues (except as noted)