Connie Chan – Strident foe car free JFK met Fine Arts Museum lobbyist 9 times

Lee Heidhues 3.21.2022

Supervisor Connie Chan, faux Progressive, is the most vocal foe of car free areas on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park and along The Great Walkway adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.

A review of filing with the San Francisco Ethics Commission makes it clear that Connie has met regularly with lobbyists who oppose the car free designation.

Supervisor  Chan has met with Platinum Advisors, lobbyist for the Fine Arts Museum San Francisco (FAMSF), nine times since taking office less than 15 months ago.

The first meeting took place on March 10, 2021 shortly before supporters for a car free JFK Drive held their first rally in Golden Gate Park.

Connie Chan II 6.24.2021.png
Connie Chan in yellow struts her “Progressive” cred meeting with Civil Rights icon Jesse Jackson

The most recent meeting took place on February 17, 2022.  At that time the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission and the Metropolitan Transit Authority were meeting to approve JFK Drive as a permanent car free zone.

Supervisor Chan met with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition seven times during 2021.  The last meeting was on December 9, 2021, over three months ago. 

She did not meet with them while this issue was being debated before City agencies.

Since assuming office in January 2021 representing the City’s Richmond District Connie Chan has met with registered lobbyists 55 times.  A list which includes 24 organizations. A review of the San Francisco Ethics Commission site makes it obvious Supervisor Chan has sat down with lobbyists far more than any of her 10 fellow Supervisors.

34 Connie Chameleon 9.17.2021

Connie Chan ran as a Progressive in 2020 vowing to protect the environment and signed her campaign mailers, “In Solidarity.”  The list of organizations with whom she has met hardly fit the “Progressive” description.

Amongst the lobbyists she has met the list includes such organizations as:

University of San Francisco – 6 times

San Francisco Travel Association – 5 times

Teamsters Union – 4 times

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce – 3 times

The list includes other organizations. The most interesting is Hines. While Hines is not a household name it is huge. It is an 83.6BN multi-national which owns 101 California Street. It owns and manages companies worldwide. Hines lobbyist met with Supervisor Chan to discuss a project at 550 Howard Street.

Attached is a list from the San Francisco Ethics Commission of Supervisor Chan’s lobbying contacts along with a link to the Ethics Commission website.

Connie Chan Lobbyist meetings 3.21.2022