Ethical conflict. Connie Chan anti-Car Free JFK Sup must put the brakes on

Lee Heidhues 4.20.2022

San Francisco Supervisor Connie Chan is ethically and politically compromised.  She cannot render a fair judgment.

Supervisor Chan needs to drop her legislation to open JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park to cars.  She must recuse herself from any debate on this issue. 

Since taking office in early 2021 District 1 Supervisor Chan has been one of the most strident foes of a Car Free JFK Drive. It is documented that she held her first of 14 meetings with the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco lobbyists in March 2021. These contacts have continued to the present time. 

This is by far the greatest number of meetings any San Francisco Supervisor has held with FAMSF lobbyist, Platinum Advisors.

Supervisor Chan, FAMSF management and Platinum Advisors have engaged in a well documented relationship for over a year.

Invitation to visit the de young 3.31.2021

On April 5, 2022 Supervisor Chan introduced legislation which would bring back cars to JFK Drive. That very same day she received a phone call from Platinum Advisors Ryan Blake, the lobbyist for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.64 Ryan Blake VM Chan 4.5.2022 During her brief time as an elected official Connie Chan has walked in lock step with the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. A historic, wealthy and well connected San Francisco institution. FAMSF and its lobbyist, Platinum Advisors, have worked on Supervisor Chan non stop in their attempt to destroy car free JFK Drive.

It is a well documented record.

I have submitted Public Records Requests with both Supervisor Chan and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The responsive documents to date provide only a partial picture of what has transpired during Connie Chan’s time in office.

What has been provided is revealing.

In the following telephone transcript of July 27, 2021 RB is Ryan Blake, lobbyist for Platinum Advisors. Tom Campbell is the CEO for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

62Screen Shot Ryan Blake JFK Drive 7.27.2021

The San Francisco Ethics Commission database shows that Supervisor Chan and/or her legislative Staff held 13 meetings with Platinum Advisors, lobbyists for the Corporation of Fine Arts Museums through February 2022, per the attachment from the Ethics Commission website.  There was a 14th meeting in March 2022 which has yet to be reported. (see attached 3.16.2022 emails)

Reported Contacts List SF Ethics Commission

FAMSF emails 3.16.2022

3.10.2021  Ryan Blake

3.12.2021  Ryan Blake

3.18.2021  Ryan Blake

3.23.2021  Ryan Blake

5.05.2021  Ryan Blake

5.08.2021  Ryan Blake

5.26.2021  Ryan Blake

8.10.2021  Ryan Blake

9.15.2021  Paul Murre

9.16.2021  Paul Murre

2.11.2022  Ryan Blake

2.17.2022  Ryan Blake

2.23.2022  Paul Murre

3.16.2022  Paul Murre (not reported to SF Ethics Commission)