SF Fine Arts Museum strategy. Ignore all accountability to demolish car free JFK

Liz and Lee Heidhues 4.21.2022

The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco is obstructing mandated disclosure in its refusal to provide public access regarding its contacts with Supervisor Connie Chan in a campaign to demolish Car Free JFK Drive.

I have made two Public Records Requests (PRR) with the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (FAMSF).

IDR Amended FAMSF 4.19.2022

Both responses from the FAMSF lack transparency and are a mockery to the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance process.  I received the following FAMSF response to my second Request today.


Supervisors Connie Chan (above left) and Board President Shamann Walton (above right) are two vocal opponents of a car free JFK Drive. In March 2021 Chan and Walton may have collaboratively met with Fine Arts Museum CEO Thomas Campbell to discuss the status of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park (see attached). This is the only responsive document I have received from the FAMSF.

Invitation to visit the de young 3.31.2021

It was several weeks later when Supervisor Walton made his now thoroughly debunked statement comparing a Car Free JFK Drive to the segregated South in Jim Crow America.

40 Dede Wilsey and Thomas Campbell 9.20.2021.jpg
Dede Wilsey and FAMSF CEO Thomas Campbell


16 JFK Car Free Frida Kahlo II 4.11.2021
Cycling by de Young Museum April 11, 2021