Celebration Day: JFK Promenade after overcoming a lot of “shit”

Liz and Lee Heidhues 4.28.2022

It was a celebratory windy, sunny afternoon on now official JFK Promenade in San Francisco’s historic Golden Gate Park. A struggle which has been ongoing 50 years.

The celebration was attended by San Francisco officials City Attorney David Chiu, SFMTA Director of Transportation Jeffrey Tumlin, and State Senator Scott Wiener.

The Senator made pointed remarks talking about the “Shit” advocates for JFK Promenade confronted. Wiener talked about SB 228 which passed the legislature in 2020 and made possible the expedited decision to create JFK Promenade. Absent this State law creation of JFK Promenade would have been mired in bureaucratic infighting for years.

It was two years ago today in the depths of The Pandemic that Mayor London Breed decreed JFK Drive to be a car free zone for The People.

Two years on, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, following a lengthy pitched battle, voted YES on behalf of future generations in an era of Climate Change.

Thousands of citizens rallied for over a year to make JFK Promenade reality.

Overcoming entrenched opposition from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Prevailing despite citizens who feel it their birthright to drive their climate killing cars anywhere anytime.

San Francisco strikes a blow for the environment and reaffirms it will be a leader in preserving open spaces for The People.

Following are photos from the joyous celebration.

50 years car free advocate Liz Heidhues
9 JFK Victory Party 4.28.2022.jpg
JFK Promenade party has plenty of food
David Miles Godfather of Skate and 40 year fighter for JFK Promenade
Jodie Medeiros – Executive Director Walk SF https://walksf.org/ and tireless fighter for JFK Promenade
23 JFK Victory Party Ruth Malone 4.28.2022
Ruth Malone – Health care practitioner – Tireless advocate for JFK Promenade
18 JFK Victory Party Promenade  4.28.2022.jpg
JFK Promenade -kidsafe.com
25 JFK Victory Party Leah 4.28.2022
Leah Shahum – Former Head San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and now Founder Director of Vision Zero https://visionzeronetwork.org/about/our-team/ proudly displays the J.F.K. Promenade sign
Party time on JFK Promenade
Cyclists of all ages enjoy JFK Promenade
30 JFK Victory Party David Chiu 4.28.2022
San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu proudly tells the crowd that his office will be on the legal front lines advocating for JFK Promenade
39 JFK Car Free SF Chronicle Liz 4.30.2022
San Francisco Chronicle photo story. That’s Liz Heidhues in her yellow Bike Safe shirt 4.30.2022

1 JFK Victory Party 4.28.2022