San Francisco’s ideologically charged politics ensnares its wildlife

This Post from 7.14.2021 is a precursor to the Post of 5.19.2022 putting out the Call to Fight to save the beautiful New Zealand Christmas Tree in the northwest corner of San Francisco. Whether it be wildlife, graphically photographed by Liz, or a priceless Tree our natural wildlife, animal and bird populations are at risk in San Francisco. City Hall bureaucrats must be innovative and proactive in preserving and maintaining these precious resources for current and future generations.

Lee's Perspective

Liz and Lee Heidhues 7.14.2021

Photos:  Liz

San Francisco’s ideologically charged politics ensnares even its wildlife denizens in an endless Darwinian battle for survival among competing interests.

The automobile established dominance in the city by claiming almost exclusive access to public space.

2 Raccoons.jpg Raccoons on the move by Chain of Lakes in Golden Gate Park

The Motorists’ vitriolic and emotional refusal to adapt stymies progress to limit automobiles and exposes deeply ingrained turf wars over who has the rights to the City’s public spaces.

36-red-tail-hawk.jpg Red tail hawk atop a tree on car free JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park

37-red-tail-hawk.jpg Red tail hawk takes flight from tree on car free JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park

Despite gains by livability and climate advocates – such as The Great Walkway along the Pacific Ocean, Car Free JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park, and Slow Streets in strategic neighborhoods – automobiles dominate San Francisco. 

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