Coup d’etat in San Francisco. Assistant DA refutes Recall mob’s blatant lies

Lee Heidhues 6.3.2022

The attempted political Coup d’etat to overthrow San Francisco’s Progressive District Attorney is based on the false tune that Chesa Boudin’s administration has become a Public Defender’s office.

Coup d'etat 3.1.2019

 This is a blatant falsehood.

The MAGA crowd and its $6,000,000 can’t sway the voters to engage in this Coup next Tuesday and oust the democratically elected DA.

The following commentary by an Assistant District Attorney sets the record straight.

He rebuts yet another advertising falsehood being pitched by the multi-millionaire right wing anti-democratic insurrectionists.

San Francisco cannot allow itself to be conned.

The Recall is anti-democratic. Chesa has administered the District Attorney’s office exactly the way he pledged during his successful 2019 campaign. From Day One the Losers have gone after Chesa. Now, aided by Trump like MAGA millionaires, the Recall collaborators have spent over $6,000,000 to subvert Democracy.

These law and order screamers are going to reap a whirlwind for their treacherous self serving behavior. It is one of the most disgraceful events in the history of San Francisco. There will be an accounting for all those who joined in the subversion of Democracy in this international City.

The Whole World’s Watching.

Just wait.

NO on H – DON’T GET CONNED in the Outer Richmond District


San Francisco Assistant District Attorney

A former employee of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office has been making the rounds on local media, saying her former workplace and the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office are “essentially functioning as one.”
As a former public defender here in San Francisco and a current prosecutor under District Attorney Boudin, let me tell why that’s not true.

Proponents of the “Yes on H” campaign have labeled us prosecutors under District Attorney Boudin as soft on crime.

The recall campaign yearns for the era of tough on crime policies.

Nightcrawler II 6.14.2021
The work we do is much more nuanced

I’d like for us to step back from the tough on crime vs. soft on crime (or “progressive”) dichotomy. The work we do is much more nuanced than that. I’d like to introduce a different term—and what I personally subscribe to—into the political discourse. And that is: fair and balanced. I am a fair and balanced prosecutor.

What does that mean?

The job of a prosecutor is to balance all the competing interests within the system. We have to balance the need to protect the public and do right by the harm done in the community with the rehabilitative goals of the defendant.

It’s not an easy job and there isn’t a one size fits all approach. It’s a case-by-case review of a lot of information—from the victim, from our partners in law enforcement, and from the defense attorney. This is a heavy responsibility and we need to have the right people in these roles making these decisions.

Following is a link to the entire article.

Critics say the DA’s Office is run like the Public Defenders Office. That’s not true

Top photo:  DA Chesa Boudin in Superior Court