NO on H GOTV. Resilient against unabating attacks to Recall DA Boudin

Liz and Lee Heidhues 5.4.2022 Alamo Square Park – San Francisco


A New Poll shows No on H in a dead heat with Boudin Recall reactionaries – three days to go. The side which gets their supporters to the Polls on June 7 will prevail.


Team Boudin is working non stop to crush the $6,000,000 effort to oust San Francisco’s Progressive District Attorney.

DA Boudin rallied his supporters on a foggy San Francisco morning. Spirits were high. Neither the summer fog nor the MAGA crowd spending over $6,000,000 to date to destroy Chesa will curb the People’s determination and enthusiasm.

Chesa Boudin, Supervisor Dean Preston, and Civil Rights activist Shane Harris, who flew from San Diego to San Francisco for the rally, implored the crowd to Get Out the Vote.

Chesa, thanking the many Unions standing at his side, recounted his 29 months in office and reminded his supporters the fight for Progressive Justice is a Work in Progress.

DA Boudin must prevail against the Republican war chest and reactionary forces who emphasize the failed and discredited War on Crime.

The time of these reactionaries and their supporters is over.

13 Yes on H  6.4.2022.jpg
A NO on H enthusiast
1 Chesa and Dean 6.4.2022.jpg
Chesa and Supervisor Dean Preston
9 Chesa 6.4.2022.jpg
Chesa parleys with a voter
14 Chesa 6.4.2022.jpg
Chesa listens
Former San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Fewer
Civil Rights activist Shane Harris flew in from San Diego to remind Team Chesa what is at stake
District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston on his home turf in Alamo Square
10 Chelsea Boilard 6.4.2022
Chelsea Boilard instructs Team Chesa campaigners on door to door campaigning
4 Scott Shafer 6.4.2022.jpg
Scott Shafer-KQED News Reporter & Co-Host Political Breakdown scans the crowd
31 Team Chesa 6.4.2022.jpg
Shane Harris with Chesa’s supporters and the Family Dog
33 Blogger Bike 6.4.2022.jpg
Blogger saddles up to ride home to the Richmond District countryside

Photos – Lee Heidhues

Photo editor – Liz Heidhues