Boudin ouster. A moment of shame which San Francisco will never live down

June 9, 2022

I wrote the following the night before the June 7 vote. As the polls were closing at 8pm on election day I cycled out to Sutro Heights Park and took a walk around the grounds as the sun set on Chesa Boudin’s time as San Francisco District Attorney.

Ousted in a political Coup d’etat.

A moment of shame which San Francisco will never live down. It will rank up there with the assassinations of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk in November 1978. Sadly George Moscone’s widow, Gina passed away on election day.

Chesa in Court 5.7.2021
DA Chesa Boudin in San Francisco Superior Court

George Moscone was sworn into office as Mayor on January 8, 1976.

Chesa Boudin was sworn into office as District Attorney on January 8, 2020.

Lee Heidhues 6.6.2022

Tomorrow at this time it will be an Obit or Valedictory of Chesa’s time as San Francisco District Attorney.

In my mind there’s no doubt that the $7,000,000 spent destroying Chesa is going to payoff for the MAGA Fascists and Reactionaries who have been sucked into their Swamp. San Francisco will now be able to align itself with the most Reactionary elements in Amerika. I know it’s going to happen and I want to believe I’ve resigned myself to this terrible outcome.

The past year I have campaigned so much for Chesa on my Blog and Twitter, talked with people, attended events.

1 Chesa Recall 3.25.2021
DA Boudin being sworn into office by Mayor London Breed 1.8.2020

His brief shining moment as a Progressive District Attorney will come crashing down. Facilitated in San Francisco with millions of dollars in MAGA money and supported by cadres of self-serving selfish politicians. What comes next nobody knows. But whatever it is the future will be without our Progressive District Attorney.

The amazing thing is that so few people are turning out to vote. I thought an election like this, combined with all the local and statewide ballot measures, would result in a huge turnout.

An odd part of this, and something I didn’t realize is, there will be an election for District Attorney next November. Whoever wins must run again in November 2023 for a four year term. There will be total chaos and this is why those close to The Recall are going to receive The Big Payback. It’s the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Today I took a walk around the neighborhood . A number of houses are adorned with the “No on H” signs and only one favoring the Recall. I don’t think it means anything except to show Chesa’s got a fair amount of support and the vote will not be a blowout.

But it will be a defeat. I wonder how Chesa will take it. Today there’s a photo of him voting at City Hall. Chesa looks very tired. Perhaps it’s the camera angle. In any event he looks tired.

2 Sutro Park 6.7.2022.jpg
The sun sets on Chesa Boudin’s incumbency as San Francisco District Attorney 6.7.2022