Stop Crime SF pushes to have its Director appointed as Mayor Breed’s Puppet DA

Lee Heidhues 6.12.2022

Stop Crime SF has its sites set on political office in San Francisco.

District Attorney and Board of Supervisors.

Nancy Tung who ran for District Attorney against Chesa Boudin in 2019 and finished third in the four person race is now angling to be appointed as the Puppet DA by Mayor London Breed.  Tung is on the Board of Directors of Stop Crime SF.

Make no mistake the so called 501(C)(3) non profit Stop Crime SF is a virulent law and order organization whose goal is to destroy Progressive Justice in San Francisco. Its take down of District Attorney Chesa Boudin in last week’s MAGA funded $7,000,000 Recall is its perverse shining moment.,833063545/

Stop Crime SF III.jpg
A smiling law and order cadre Stop Crime SF

Nancy Tung  was a constant campaigner in the DA Recall.  She is an Assistant District Attorney in Alameda County. As an Officer of the Court her active participation in the Recall raises issues of ethics and propriety.

Kindred souls – Nancy Tung with former SFPD PR spokesman and newly appointed Supervisor Matt Dorsey


Stop Crime SF Nancy Tung VIII

Tung was featured in SF Standard earlier this year. She spoke of her intention to run, again. Now she may achieve her goal without having to step foot on the campaign trail and will become San Francisco’s Puppet District Attorney.

In 2020 Mayor Breed attempted to appoint Tung to the Police Commission. An appointment which was rejected by the Board of Supervisors.

Joel Engardio is a founder and The Executive Director of Stop Crime SF. He just announced his candidacy for District 4 Supervisior and will try to unseat Gordon Mar next November.

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It must be noted in reading the PAR piece that Heather Knight, the San Francisco Chronicle award winning columnist, has spent three years trying to destroy Chesa Boudin.  Her law and order reportorial credentials were firmly established with Stop Crime SF.  A political agenda Knight utililized to full effect in waging her campaign against Boudin.