Recall reality. ADA Nancy Tung worked non-stop to oust Boudin who defeated her

Lee Heidhues 6.17.2022

Alameda County Assistant District Attorney Nancy Tung should resign.

Her involvement in the ouster of District Attorney Chesa Boudin raises serious ethical questions about an Officer of the Court engaging in political activities.  

Political activities which could find her being named to replace the person she once ran against and more recently worked non-stop to oust from office.

She worked shamelessly to overthrow San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin as a major participant in the vicious 7MM MAGA funded Coup d’etat.

Now this same Nancy Tung is angling to be appointed Puppet District Attorney by Mayor London Breed.

Nancy Tung who ran for DA in 2019 against Chesa Boudin finishing third in a four person ranked choice contest. When Tung was eliminated she trailed eventual winner Boudin by over 26,000 votes.

Tung was arguably the most conservative law and order candidate in the 2019 DA race.

After losing the DA race, Mayor Breed attempted to name Tung to the San Francisco Police Commission. A nomination which was rejected by the Board of Supervisors.

Earlier this year, in an interview with the San Francisco Standard, Tung told the interviewer she was preparing to run again for District Attorney. At the same time Tung was actively campaigning to overthrow Chesa Boudin.

Now Tung may be named Puppet District Attorney without having to step foot on the campaign trail.

49 Puppet DA Nancy Tung 6.17.2022.jpg
Nancy Tung Aspiring Puppet District Attorney – artwork by Liz Heidhues

Stop Crime SF Nancy Tung VIII

Stop Crime SF Joel Engardio IX
Nancy Tung-Director Stop Crime SF – virulent law and order advocacy group
Stop Crime SF Nancy Tung Matt Dorsey XI
Mayor Breed’s appointee to Board of Supervisors, ex SFPD mouthpiece Matt Dorsey with wannabe Puppet DA Nancy Tung
50 Yes on H
Nancy Tung worked shamelessly and tirelessly in the Political Coup d’etat to oust DA Chesa Boudin

Top photo – DA Chesa Boudin with family and supporters on Election Night 6.7.2022