The Coup. SF voters Got Conned. They will pay a steep price when Reality Bites.

Lee Heidhues 6.18.2022

Mary Jung is nothing more than a craven political operative who is doing the bidding for the entrenched City Hall Gang.

Her involvement in the political lynching Coup d’etat of Progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin will long stay with her.

Chesa Election Night 6.7.2022
DA Chesa Boudin with family and supporters – Election night 6.7.2022

This is the same Mary Jung who was ousted as the DCCC chair in 2016.

This is the same Mary Jung who when, during the Coup d’etat, confronted with a blatantly false and libelous attack ad admitted its falsehood and said, essentially, “So, what?”

Those San Francisco voters who Got Conned by the 7MM vicious disingenuous campaign will pay a steep price when their expectations for a Law and Order mecca are crushed when Reality Bites.

Crime ain’t going away anytime soon or ever.

Deal with It. A Puppet DA appointed by Mayor London Breed and supported by the Jungs of the World know their whole War on Chesa was one big False Flag operation.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 6.18.2022

One of Mary Jung’s consistent advantages in politics is money.

Jung believes the influence of big money is overstated, and sees the anger and passion of activists as the driving force of the recall. “I’d much rather Bill Oberndorf give to the recall than Mitch McConnell,” Jung said.

Oberndorf gave $602,000 to the recall through the Neighbors for a Better San Francisco PAC and has given around $6.5 million to Republican causes and candidates, including over $4 million to Mitch McConnell’s Republican Senate Leadership Fund since 2016.

The Boudin recall and its allies’s war chest of $7.2 million was one of the largest sums ever for a city ballot measure and dwarfing Boudin supporters’ $3.3 million.

Two thirds of the recall’s money, a total of $4.8 million, came from the Neighbors for a Better San Francisco Political Action Committee, an opaque group with no contribution limits that Jung has direct ties to. The same PAC also gave $483,800 to February’s successful school board recall, a quarter of that recall’s $1.9 million war chest.

In a 2020 Medium post, Jung wrote that she was the volunteer director of the Neighbors PAC, and she told The Chronicle that she only led the group during the 2020 fall campaign cycle. She said she couldn’t remember who created the PAC and described it as “long-time San Francisco residents who are concerned about the direction of our city.” Donors include Democrats such as Brandon Shorenstein, head of landlord Shorenstein Realty, the recall’s biggest contributor.

52 Three Witches Jung Jenkins Shorter 6.7.2022
Coup d’etat leaders flush with 7.2MM MAGA cash Andrea Shorter, Mary Jung and Brooke Jenkins

In a March 2021 filing, the PAC’s principal officer was listed as Jung’s deputy government affairs director at the Realtors, Jay Cheng, who didn’t respond to a request for comment about his relationship with the PAC. Two nonprofit affiliates are headed by some of the PAC’s major donors, who predominantly work in real estate, finance and tech: Billionaire William Oberndorf is CEO of one nonprofit, while housing developer Nick Podell is listed as CEO of the other.

His presence sparked accusations that Jung was a puppet of conservatives, even before the recall. As head of the DCCC, Campos condemned the PAC in 2020 in a resolution for its “Republican Billionaire’s Attacks on Democratic Party-Endorsed Candidates,” a prequel of the “right-wing recall” allegations that Boudin would use.

Two California Association of Realtors committees also gave a total of $450,000 to the Boudin recall. The real estate industry cares about public safety and San Francisco’s neighborhoods, Jung said.

Top photo: Mary Jung and wannabe San Francisco Puppet DA Supervisor Catherine Stefani