An unsung artist shows his flair with wit

Lee Heidhues 6.19.2022

My life long friend Chris Dreyer is an unsung accomplished artist with a sharp wit.

Every holiday season I can expect to receive one of his unique Seasons Greetings.

Chris has drawn over 1000 cartoons with edgy and pointed captions.

Following is a sample of Chris’ work. It deserves a large audience and should be appreciated.

8 Chris
Tunnel vision
13 Chris.jpg
A brouhaha
7 Chris.jpg
Throwing the baby out with the bath water.
14 Chris
Checking his balance
9 Chris.jpg


15 Chris.jpg
Mother gives Jimmy an earful.
2 Chris.jpg
“I’m going to wash that man right outta my hair.”
6 Chris
Thumbing his nose.
4 Chris
There, their, they’re! Don’t worry. You’ll get it.
1 Chris.jpg
Please shut your trap, dear. I’m reading.
12 Chris.jpg
The nurse told Herman to take a seat
5 Chris.jpg
Clawed Monet
10 Chris.jpg
Amazon Primeates
11 Chris.jpg
Getting Ahead of himself

Top drawing:  Picking my brain