Heather Knight: You’re so “Vicious” What ya gonna do without DA Chesa to Bash?!!

Lee Heidhues 8.23.2022

The City’s daily morning newspaper is becoming a subsidiary of the Nextdoor Law and Order freaks. This incident is just more fodder for increasingly paranoid and uptight San Francisco.

Nightcrawlers Heather Knight @hknightsf and Dion Lim @dionlimTV would be in full battle mode bashing the Real DA Chesa Boudin. Sadly this true Progressive was politically lynched by the MAGA billionaires, a fearful electorate and shameless so called journalists like Knight and Lim.

A theme for these Nightcrawlers would be the classic Lou Reed song, “Vicious.”


One neighbor had it right. Michele Sahl, told ABC 7, “It’s really terrible because we shouldn’t do that to another human being, number one, and why can’t San Rafael take care of this? San Francisco tries to take care of its homeless people, not without challenges, but I’m very disappointed.”

Excerpted from The San Francisco Chronicle 8.23.2022

The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office is investigating the San Rafael Police Department after a marked patrol vehicle was filmed allegedly dropping a homeless man off in a residential area of San Francisco.

The incident was filmed by a resident of the vicinity of Lake Street and 14th Avenue in the Richmond District. The video was shared with ABC7 News, which first reported on the incident. The video shows an officer emerging from an SUV, and removing the man and his belongings before driving off.

London Breed with Homeless 8.13.2018.jpg
Mayor London Breed talks with a homeless citizen

In a statement to The Chronicle, City Attorney David Chiu said, “It is disturbing to think another jurisdiction would drop off someone experiencing homelessness or mental health challenges in the middle of a residential neighborhood with no services or resources around. We need all cities and counties working together to solve our homelessness and mental health crises.” It was unclear what specific law or laws may have been broken.

“While we are just beginning to look into this, make no mistake — we will hold any jurisdiction accountable that is proven to engage in this behavior,” Chiu said.

This incident happened during daylight last month. The person can be seen on the video scattering his belongings after being dropped off on 14th Avenue near Mountain Lake Park. The neighbor who filmed the video asked not to be identified.

homeless in San Francisco 2.21.2020.jpg
Homeless sleep one block from San Francisco City Hall

San Rafael police Sergeant Scott Eberle, who supervises the department’s Downtown Foot Patrol unit, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Chronicle.

Earlier, he told ABC7 that the man had been picked up at Northgate Mall in the Terra Linda neighborhood of San Rafael after allegedly threatening a security guard at a retail establishment. The man was not armed and was determined by the responding officer not to be a threat. He asked that he be driven to San Francisco, and that request was granted by the officer’s supervisor.

“We made a mistake,” Eberle told ABC7. “That is what we did, we dropped this subject off in San Francisco.”

After being dropped off, the man started taking off his clothes and throwing rocks, possibly even lighting a fire in the field where he had been left. The neighbor who made the video called San Francisco police, who arrived on the scene at around 5:30 p.m. July 30 to find “a person in distress,” according to the incident report. Medics were summoned and the man was transported to a local hospital by the San Francisco Fire Department.