anti-Semite Louie and Puppet DA Jenkins. Swamp dwelling Chesa Boudin destroyers

Lee Heidhues 8.24.2022

Every Picture tells a Story.  San Francisco Swamp Dwelling  Political Opportunist Reactionaries Edition.

85 Puppet DA and Leanna Louie.jpg
Soul sisters. Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins and anti-Semite Leanna Louie
Radical anti-Semite Leanna Louie in her own words and her Reactionary cadre Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins when she learned their political lynching of The Real DA met its ultimate success.
Leanna Louie (in her own words)

about 2 months ago

Congratulations, Brooke! We hit the Recall road running and we did it!! We recalled Chesa on 6/7/2022.

One month later on 7/7/2022, you are appointed by Mayor London Breed as SFDA. Today’s news of your appointment is only the beginning. We will continue to fight for the innocent, for the victims, for the people of San Francisco. If Chesa dares to run for office again in SF, we will make sure he will NOT get in any office!!

Go BROOKE!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

The Real DA Chesa Boudin was politically lynched and Leanna Louie’s partner in the Coup d’etat  Brooke Jenkins was named to replace him.
Quite a victory for two Reactionary politicians enabled with 7.2MM  in MAGA money to ruin Progressive Justice in San Francisco.
153K of which went to the Puppet DA to pay her  for “Volunteer” service in the political lynching of her one time Boss The Real DA Chesa Boudin.
86 Puppet DA and Leanna Louie.jpg
Party time for Reactionaries anti-Semite Leanna Louie and Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins

75 Puppet DA art by Liz 1 8.20.2022