Leanna Louie violated election law. Lobs Hail Mary at San Francisco Superior Ct.

Lee Heidhues 8.31.2022

Leanna Louie went to San Francisco Superior Court this morning in an attempt to force her way onto the November ballot.

Ex Parte Application 8.29.2022

Ex Parte CPF-22-517855 8.29.2022

Leanna Louie, bounced from the San Francisco ballot for her illegal residency, has gone to San Francisco Superior Court in a last gasp attempt to save her candidacy as District 4 Supervisor.

City Attorney David Chiu investigated Louie’s illegal residency and issued a 13 page report which resulted in her disqualification by the City’s Elections Director. See attached.


Never one to accept the law and reality, Leanna Louie found counsel willing to push the City into having her way.


Attached are all the pleadings which can be found on the San Francisco Superior Court website.   https://www.sfsuperiorcourt.org/

Petition 8.29.2022

Notice OSC 8.29.2022Dec Stanley Shen 8.29.2022

Dec Stanley Shen 8.29.2022

4 Leanna 8.30.2022
Election law violator Leanna Louie and her hired gun Christine Linnenbach, Esq. at City Hall trying their case in public – 8.30.2022