The Court has upheld the law and wasn’t swayed by Leanna’s bullhorn style tactics.

Breaking News 4.15.2019

Lee Heidhues 9.7.2022

I presume that we can expect to hear more Leanna Louie’s social media rants now that the Court has upheld the law and wasn’t swayed by her bullhorn style tactics. They were effective in destroying The Real DA Chesa Boudin and three School members. The Court was having none of it.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Ulmer has denied election law violator Leanna Louie’s petition to force her way onto the November ballot after the City Attorney determined she violated the City’s election law requirements.

I Watched entire 90 minute spectacle yesterday afternoon.

Leanna Louie’s Attorneys were woefully unprepared.

Judge Ulmer pushed hard on Atty. Shen re misrepresentations of Case law.
Atty. Linnenbach sparred continuously with Judge. Interrupted him.
She Definitely played to Leanna’s “Army” in the Courtroom. During the hearing Judge Ulmer reminded Linnenbach that Leanna’s “Army” was not a Party to the action.

Election law violator Leanna Louie’s last minute attempt to overturn the City Attorney’s decision tossing her off the November ballot has been denied in SF Superior Court.

Joe Eskenazi, who broke the story about Leanna Louie’s election law violations and was labeled a “Nazi” by Leanna for his truth telling thoroughly reported what happened in Courtroom 302 yesterday.