How does a chainsaw cutting away a huge root of “our” tree follow instructions?!!

Liz Heidhues 9.7.2022

Dear Parties Involved

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

San Francisco Department of Public Works

San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department

How does using a chainsaw to cut away a massive root for “our” tree follow the instructions of Hearing Officer Greg Lyman to protect the tree at all costs? (Ruling 7.6.2022)


An explanation is owed me!

I am the Plaintiff filing the original complaint after seeing “Notice of Tree Removal” posted on “our” tree by the SFPUC.

I observed and documented the Notice 1.10.2022, while walking in the Urban Tree Canopy, home to “our” tree at 39th and Clement.

Severing this massive root is a violation of the “Tree Protection Plan” (Public Works Code Section 808(c)(4) ). A root this size is a major source of nutrition and stability for this big healthy tree, now endangered.

22 Clement Street tree.jpg
The destroyed New Zealand Christmas Tree Root laying like a dead carcass

Further construction compacting the remaining root system will cause more damage.

Was my staying up until dawn to research air gaps and public pipes systems in order to prepare for our Appeal and Hearing all in vain? I am⁰ not an engineer.

The public grievance system in San Francisco is a dog-and-pony show for residents not having influence, money, and time to throw at the bureaucracy.

The damage is done. When a limb of survival has been amputated, it cannot be grafted back on.

18 Clement Street tree.jpg

Recreation and Park employee, blatantly disregarded a Hearing Officer’s Decision, and cut off a large root of the beautiful New Zealand Christmas Tree at 39th Avenue and Clement Street.

Lee Heidhues 9.7.2022

The City and County of San Francisco has willfully and illegally destroyed a beautiful New Zealand Christmas Tree which Liz Heidhues and I successfully worked months to preserve.

After submitting numerous documents and participating in two hearings with our co-appellant a San Francisco Public Utilities Hearing office issued a Decision in our favor.

The New Zealand Christmas Tree must be preserved.

21 Clement Street tree.jpg
Pile of Destruction at site of New Zealand Christmas Tree – 9.7.2022

Despite this legally binding document The City’s Recreation and Parks department, which was not even a party to this action, destroyed the tree by cutting away a massive root. This morning I spoke with one of the contractor’s working on water main project adjacent to the tree. He told me that his company would not damage the tree.

Contractors at the site of the destroyed New Zealand Christmas Tree – 9.7.2022

Instead, a worker from the Recreation and Parks Department had no qualms about destroying this beautiful tree. He did the the dirty work himself.

20 Clement Street tree
Industrial backhoe at the site of the destroyed New Zealand Christmas Tree – 9.7.2022
Site of the “Saved” now City destroyed New Zealand Christmas Tree

Top photo – Pity the poor New Zealand Christmas Tree destroyed by workers from The City and County of San Francisco fçppp op p