This tree is a landmark. Residents are enjoying its presence and healthy life.

We need every tree in the city and Bay Area for oxygen and beauty!-Marion Gerlind, Phd.

Lee Heidhues 9.8.2022

In violation of a binding Decision, City workers brazenly cut away a large root despite the City’s own rules about putting a ‘Tree Protection Plan’ in place astride the Lincoln Park Golf Course.

The City is totally non responsive to the several messages we have conveyed since learning of the wanton destruction of a beautiful New Zealand Christmas tree we successfully fought to be saved at 39th Avenue and Clement Street.

The total silence of San Francisco government officials to this degradation of the environment after Liz Heidhues and I obtained a favorable Decision from the Public Utilities Commission in July 2022 is an outrage.

The City has already irreparably damaged the New Zealand Christmas tree.

1 Street tree
The now destroyed New Zealand Christmas tree

Before commencing work on a water pipe to bring recycled water to accommodate a privileged class of golfers this ‘Tree Protection Plan’ was a prerequisite.

This abuse is yet another example of the cavalier manner San Francisco government treats its citizens.

An abuse which extends to abusing its citizens even when these citizens have obtained a legally binding Decision from a Public Utilities Commission hearing officer.


Following is a letter sent to the SFPUC hearing officer on May 27, 2022 the day he heard our Appeal and ruled in our favor. It reads in part.

Marion Gerlind, Phd letter 5.27.22

5 Clement Street tree

Top photo – The City destroyed New Zealand Christmas tree at 39th Avenue and Clement Street – San Francisco 9.7.2022