Work halted around City destroyed Tree. The damage may be too great to save it

Lee Heidhues 9.8.2022

The New Zealand Christmas Tree is dying and needs to be thoroughly irrigated in this HOT weather.

Work has apparently stopped at the site of the City destroyed New Zealand Christmas Tree at 39th Avenue and Clement Street in San Francisco.

City workers totally ignored a binding Decision by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission preserving the decades old landmark.


In their haste to bring recycled water to the privileged class at Lincoln Park Golf Course, the City totally ignored the Decision and City regulations requiring a Tree Protection Plan.

Liz Heidhues visited the site of the destruction earlier today and took some photographic evidence.

37 Clement Street tree
The destroyed New Zealand Christmas Tree root
27 Clement Street tree
The City puts down a tarp to hide its wanton disregard of an Administrative decision
28 Clement Street tree.jpg
The debris surrounding the dying New Zealand Christmas Tree


29 Clement Street tree.jpg
A dying tree. A death caused by San Francisco city workers.
15 Clement Street tree.jpg
The New Zealand Christmas Tree before its destruction by San Francisco city workers on September 7, 2022