Amputated New Zealand Christmas Tree stump displays SF City wanton abuse

Lee Heidhues 9.9.2022

The sad photo above is the destroyed New Zealand Christmas tree root wrapped in burlap.

For now all work has stopped on the recycled water line project as the tree awaits its fate.

It’s been three days since San Francisco City workers, in violation of a Decision ordering that a beautiful New Zealand Christmas Tree be preserved, wantonly hacked off a large root of the until now decades old thriving tree.


Thursday we were contacted by the City’s Bureau of Urban Forestry and told an arborist would do a site inspection at the scene of the carnage.

I asked that I be contacted beforehand so I could meet and talk about this violation of the Hearing Officer’s Order to Preserve the Tree. I was never contacted.

I asked that the City send a Crew out to thoroughly water the tree. As far as I can determine this has not yet happened.

So I visited the corner of 39th Avenue and Clement Street adjacent to the Lincoln Park Golf Course, whose entitled golfer community is the beneficiary of the recycled water main which will water the greens.

There is no benefit to the environment as the destruction of this beautiful tree clearly indicates. 

38 Clement Street tree 9.9.22
City damaged New Zealand Christmas tree behind the barricades trying to survive
46 Clement Street tree 9.9.22
The destroyed New Zealand Christmas tree stump wrapped in burlap
43 Clement Street tree 9.9.22
The tree wrapped in a coil behind the barricade
Work site at 39th Avenue and Clement Street