Fine Arts Museums pours another 75K into its attempt to destroy JFK Promenade

Lee Heidhues 9.10.2022

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and its wealthy politically connected benefactors have poured in most of the nearly $500,000 to defeat Proposition J. The people’s effort to save JFK Promenade.

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco just gave another $75,000 in its greed driven campaign to bring climate killing cars back to JFK Promenade. All in the name of profit.

FAMSF 75K contribution 9.9.2022

Election day is only 59 days away.

1 Yes on J for JFK 8.27.2022

The Fine Arts Museum is opening its deep pockets to destroy JFK Promenade through its mercenary fueled ballot measure Proposition I.

I expect there will soon be a Political Action Committee shoveling money into the campaign. These insidious groups are able to hide the true source of their funding.

The Fine Arts Museums has spent over two years trying to destroy JFK Promenade. First through its lobbyist Platinum Advisors in a brazen effort to stop the City from making JFK Promenade a car free oasis. That failed.

35 Yes on J for JFK 8.27.2022
The People gather to support YES on J for JFK Promenade

Dede Wilsey. San Francisco power broker, scion to the Dow Chemical Company and contributor to Donald Trump, gave $200,000 to mercenaries to qualify the ballot measure to destroy JFK Promenade.

The mercenaries were paid to collect signatures and qualify the Fine Arts Museums greed and profit driven measure for the ballot.


41 Yes on J for JFK 8.27.2022